When Ayanna’s best friend asked her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, she couldn’t say no, but the thought of dress shopping was too much for her to take. Enter TMR…

Ayanna Roberts
TMR Member 9 months


“It all started when my best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. I had recently gained some weight and the thought of shopping for a bridesmaid dress and having many eyes on me at the wedding scared me. I knew I needed to lost weight.
I had done many fad/crash diets in the past but they all ended the same way, which meant losing the weight fast Ayannathen slowing gaining it back once I went back to my old eating habits. So I decided I wanted to lose weight the old fashioned way of diet and exercise. I knew I needed to be more active and make better choices regarding my eating habits. Being heavy always made me self conscious about my body, which made me lack confidence. I had previously worked out at home with fitness dvd’s, since I hated going to the gym. I realized that my motivation was practically zero and that I was struggling to work out alone, that’s when I thought maybe it was time to join a gym.
I turned to Groupon to see what deals were in the area, that’s when I found the deal for The Motion Room. I was curious so I bought the Groupon deal to check it out. When I walked into The Motion Room (May 2014), I was greeted by Jamie. I was then introduced to Jenny who trained me and explained the program. After taking a good look at Jamie, Jenny and the members around me, I questioned if The Motion Room was suitable for someone as heavy as myself and wondered if how comfortable I would feel working out there. I did not allow my thoughts to deter me from trying it out.
In the beginning each session was quite a struggle since my muscles were tense, stiff and my coordination was poor, but during each workout I could feel muscles I never felt before! Even though I struggled, all the trainers were friendly, professional and motivated me throughout my workouts. Once I had used up most of my credits, I seriously considered continuing. Even though the cost to continue was more then I had anticipated, after careful consideration I was convinced that the cost was worth it and I continued!
Within three months I was able to work out at a level I had never achieved on my own! I ate better and worked out four times a week (most weeks) and started losing wgt! Everyone around me noticed the physical changes! When the day came to wear the bridesmaid dress (September 2014),I actually looked good!
Since then I have continued to work out and I am still learning to make healthy choices regarding food. Eating healthy can be a real challenge since the temptation to eat out and over indulge, is daily and consistent. Though it am not at my goal weight yet, I am getting stronger and leaner day by day. Hopefully soon I will be able to do an actual push up (as opposed to a modified one)!
Thanks to TMR for giving me the knowledge and motivation to help me live a more active and healthy lifestyle!”

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