Marc started at The Motion Room after moving back to Toronto and hasn’t looked back. A weak knee after surgery was just the motivation he needed to kick himself into high gear! Here is Marc’s story:

Marc C.

TMR Member of 6 Months

I have been with The Motion Room for just over 6 months now. Anna referred me to The Motion Room after having heard her glowing reviews after each of her workouts for just over a year. So after having moved back to Toronto I figured I would give it a shot. My first workout at The Motion Room was intense. I thought I was in fairly good shape going into that first workout but I was dying after the warm-up alone. Once I completed that first work-out I was hooked. I loved the intensity, the energy from the trainers and the great mix of exercises for each of the bootcamp classes. I also really liked the direction that I would get from the trainers for each of the exercises to make sure I was doing each one correctly.

This was a big thing for me as I had surgery on my knee 4 years ago and I was determined to finally bring its strength back up. Before long I was seeing great improvements in not only my fitness level but all aspects of my life, including confidence and energy levels. I started going 4 to 5 times a week along with Anna and Chris and I love the feeling of working off excess energy after a long day at the office.

Recently, I started using one of the Polar H7 heart rate monitors during each class and have noticed a significant increase in the intensity of my workouts as I can no longer cheat myself into thinking I’m working hard. The monitor tells me when I’m slacking! 🙂

Working out at The Motion Room has now become a regular part of my day and part that I look forward to the most.

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