We all have something that we are preparing for, whether it is a wedding, a graduation, a trip, etc. We all set a goal of a weight or a certain pant size for an upcoming event.

One of the things that I have been working towards is getting in shape for my Rep lacrosse season (Whitby Rush). Tryouts are coming up at the end of April, and I have been told that we have to be shape come that time, and ready to run and hustle out there on the floor. I need/must be in good shape to compete against these younger athletes (21 year olds). And let me tell you, I will be the first one to tell you that I am the slllooowwwesst out of my teammates! It is usually a big joke with my team that my feet barely move out there. If it was up to me I would sit on the crease all day and just wait for my team mates to pass me the ball so I can score. Thus meaning I have to score more!

To prepare for my upcoming lacrosse season I will need to keep up with the 5 days a week at the Motion Room. My muscles need to continue to be worked to the max! Especially my legs, my legs have been a weakness for a long time now… since I can remember. I need to lose the fat and tone these legs up. Right now I am in Build stage and man oh man am I ever feeling those squats! Have you ever done so many squats and lunges ever before?? The Motion Room is known for this! every time I look over at the person beside me at the gym they are doing squats or lunges and we are all thinking the same thing… Damn you Joseph! But hey… Joseph knows best… those lunges and squats are just what my legs need to whip into shape.

Soon enough I will be able to run circles around other teammates….. okay maybe not circles around them, but at least keep up with them!

By the way, in case you didn’t noticed in the picture, that’s a Gold Medal 😉 We won last year at Provincials in Akwesasne….. Kind of a big deal hahaha!

See you in the gym!

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