I had my Re-Test last Saturday.  Everyone asked me if I was nervous about the re-test.  I said I was not as I have worked consistently hard over the last 3 months.

But, deep down inside, I had a small worry that all the hard work might not have a pay off.

Well the results are in.

Drum Roll please….

The results were good for all the categories.  I was up where I should be up and down where I should be down.  Some are better than others, but I’m proud that all are good.

Here are my starting measurements, my results, and ultimate objectives:


January: 153lbs

April: 151lbs

by July: 148.2lbs



January: 34%

April: 31.8%

by July: 28.6%



January: 20/13.1%

April: 15/9.9%

by July: 10.4/7%


NECK was 13”, now 13”

CHEST was 38.5”, now 37.5”

BICEP was 12”, now 11.5”

THIGH was 23”, now 23”

WAIST was 33”, now 33”

HIP was 42”, now 40”

CALF was 15.5”, now 15”


I also achieved some success with some of other metrics that are tested:

I did the bicycle for the full 10 minutes at a higher intensity than January 14th.

My side planks are better – I have imbalance with my left side being stronger than my right side.  I can hold the left for 75 seconds and the right for 65 seconds. I have an on-going injury that plagues my right shoulder and wrist, but I’m getting stronger. When I first started with The Motion Room, I could hardly weight-bare on my right arm and wrist, and now I’m actually doing exercises.  So I’m pleased with this progress.

I did 22 push-ups (up from 17), but still on my knees. My goal for the next retest is to be able to do some push-ups from my toes.

I have terrible flexibility – I can’t touch my toes without a bend in my knees. I increased my flexibility since the last test, but I still have a lot a work in this area.

So, overall, everything is moving in the right direction.  I am really excited about all these results.  I’ve had success but there is still work ahead.

The Motion Room Results System really works.  All it takes is a great plan put together by The Motion Room, the trainers guidance and the most important part of the formula is all the effort YOU put into it.

I’m on my way to achieving my goals!

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