Repeat after us: Your. Body. Needs. Rest.

Getting fit and stronger is not only about lifting heavy, running fast and working out non-stop. It’s about finding balance between activity and rest! Your body needs time to adjust and recover after a hard workout, your muscles need time to repair, and your mind needs time to relax. So besides your workouts, remember to also schedule your very much needed rest days!

Nancy has been a TMR member for a while now and she just experienced the reality of not giving your body enough rest. Here’s what she shared with us:

“I’ve been getting up early to go to The Motion Room for 6:00 am sessions, then race home to get ready for work. On 2 days of the week, I go to school which means being up until midnight on those nights.

In addition to my busy work week, I had a busy school week and a business trip which resulted in getting a sinus cold that forced me to leave work early!

I actually slept 10 hours on Friday night and another 10 hours on Saturday night. Learning the hard way that if you don’t take good care of your body, and give your body a rest, it might just force you to slow down, and that’s not necessarily pleasant. I think I’d rather have a day at the spa!”


So here you have it guys, remember to take some time to rest and recover. Your body will thank you for it, you will have more energy for your next workout and your muscles will even recover faster! So, stop being afraid of resting, the gym will still be there tomorrow. Make sure you take at least one day off your regular workouts to slow down, maybe go for a relaxing walk or stretch out a little to help your body recover!

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