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Roberta has been a dedicated Member at The Motion Room for over a year and has continued to ‘wow’ friends and family with her incredible work ethic and success!


Roberta’s Member Spotlight Story:


My name is Roberta and I’m a TMR member. I’m a 40-something year old, full time working mom of 5 year old twins. Finding time to work out is not easy, I’m not going to lie, I’m busy, I’m tired and most of the time I’m on my own because my husband works 12-14 hour days. After years of going to gyms and running to stay somewhat fit, I couldn’t find the time for any kind of fitness in my life once the twins arrived. And after five years of not moving I knew I was on a downward spiral into a really bad physical place. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hurt all over. My back, shoulders, you name it, it hurt and I knew why. I needed to exercise.

When I enrolled my twins @ KIDZ360 2 years ago I had to walk through The Motion Room twice a day to drop them off in the morning and then back again @ 6pm for pick up. Having to walk through a gym and not be able to actually go there was gnawing at me. Every. Single. Day. (well at least Mond-Fri). One day the kids came home excited to show me they knew how to do pushups, jumping jacks and burpees. All taught through their Kids in Motion program. Here were my kids learning early on the importance of being active. That’s when I knew that I had to do something for me. I wanted to be a good role model and I wanted to be able to live long enough to watch them grow up.

Enter Groupon.

I decided last summer to figure out a way how to use my Groupon. I’d get texts from my husband late at night telling me if his work calltime would be late enough to allow me to get into TMR @ 6am and back before he left for work. As the Groupon was about to expire I realized I could actually fit this into my life. So I joined. It’s a fly by the seat of your pants kind of system I worked out but this is how I do it and so far so good. I’m going to the gym again. I haven’t reached all my goals yet but I know I can get there because the trainers are so amazing.

They are encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll adjust a weight or excercise to accommodate my pain of the day. These days I get up @ 5:30am and work out 2-3 times a week on the Personal Co-Training program. No sleeping in for me on the weekends! I still do the daycare dash everyday. During the week I’m done my program @ 7am and then rush home, wake up the kids and get myself and them ready in 45 minutes so I can have them @ KIDZ 360 by 8:15am and me at my desk downtown @ 9am. It’s kinda crazy, but it works. By 9am I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. And it feels good. Better yet, “I feel good.”(Cue James Brown)…I knew that I would.

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