5 Weeks and Still Going…

Ever since the whole “Spring Cleaning” that Motion Room promoted amongst their members, I have completely rebooted my diet. For the spring cleaning, I had removed chocolate from my diet for a complete month. I succeeded and the result after that were no more cravings for chocolate.


However, with my retest approaching, I really wanted to step it up…. I decided to remove several items from my diet completely. It started at first as a “Cleanse”, normally with cleanses I take the following out of my diet: Gluten/wheat, Dairy, Red Meat, Caffeine, Sugar, and Alcohol. I started the cleanse on March 19thand finished it on April 2nd.


The result…. I felt great, leaner and had lots of energy for in the gym and outside the gym. I decided to keep going as long as I could with excluding dairy, gluten and red meat from my diet. One issue I have is gluten seems to bother me, when I take it out of my diet I have less bloating and no more stomach pains. It can be difficult at times (when you visit a friends place for dinner) but for the most part I can maintain the gluten free diet.
It has now been 5 weeks and I am still continuing with this. Slowly I will bring back red meat; I had eventually brought back caffeine for those long days at work (teas just weren’t cutting it).


This just shows that we all can do this; we can motivate ourselves to eat healthy and cut out the foods that are preventing us from losing that weight. My goal is to continue this throughout the summer, I am sure there will be some slip ups, but in the long run I will feel much better.

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