Now and then we receive e-mails or letters from our Members filling us in on their experience. Some of them, such as this letter from Meera, are so wonderful that we have to share them! Thank-you for your letter and all your hard work Meera! We look forward to your surprise visits.

To The Motion Room Members:

            I would like to thank you all for helping me to achieve my goal and to be a healthier person. My journey at Motion Room started when I couldn’t fit into a jacket my friends got me for Christmas. Within two months I was able to fit perfectly into that jacket. So many people noticed a change in my body and I have gotten so many compliments. Before Motion Room I was ashamed about my body because I have gotten so many negative comments that I always tried to hide my body wearing a sweater all the time. It felt so good to hear compliments from the same people that criticized me. I was able to come out of my shell that I use to live in. Now I am able to wear dresses, shorts, and tank tops with confidence. I don’t feel ashamed to reveal my body anymore. I am definitely pleased with the results and I am able to love my body.

            The Motion Room environment is just amazing everyone is always happy and cheerful. The workouts are amazing and you guys always make sure I push myself. I was lucky enough to workout at both locations and to meet the whole team. Sadly I missed out on Pancakes and Pushups. Few years ago I joined the gym and signed up for a monthly membership I only lasted for two weeks. It was never a dread to come to Motion Room I look forward to coming and to see you guys. Few times I did 4:30 PCT at Junction and then went to Vaughan at 8:30 for Cardio-Ab. There have been days where I was stressed out on my commute to The Motion Room but when I go home I am stress free and relaxed that I do not remember what I was stressing out about. It is impossible to feel sad when I am at The Motion Room because all of you guys look so happy and always pass on that energy to me.

            You guys were more than trainers you have became my friends that it was so hard for me to leave. You have been all so caring like when I had my weird coughs and looking out for me especially when I try to climb up to get the Bosu Balls. I am a person who tippy toes on top of the ladder in order to put Christmas decorations up. It seemed manageable to get the bosu ball down but you guys have eyes of a hawk always running to help me out. The Motion Room felt like a second home for me that on Thursday I was really sad that Friday was going to be my last day. To be honest I was only planning to stay until May it was only because of you guys and I was seeing results that I stayed this long. It’s not often that I get so attached to people. Many of you guys know me as the talkative type, but outside of The Motion Room I am mostly the quiet type. Surprising huh???

            It was my morning routine to call you guys right before my coffee break to book my class for the day and to chat for few minutes. I have been doing this for weeks now that I have no clue what I would do on Monday. You guys might get a phone call on Monday around 9:15 AM, but I will try to control my urge. I know for a fact that Joseph and Jamie are so relieved that they wouldn’t get endless emails and phone calls from me anymore. I would try my best to keep the phone calls to few times a month and I will make my surprise visits once in a while. I hope you guys enjoyed the cupcakes it was my way of saying Thank You for making Motion Room so close to my heart. Thanks James, Joseph, Jamie Emanuele Ammar, Jackie, Tyson, and Caitlyn for making my Motion Room experience truly memorable. I will definitely miss you guys.

With Lots of Love, Meera <3

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