Build Stage

I am now in my 3rd week of Build “engage the core” stage, and I have to admit that I am loving this stage! Let me explain a little bit about it; Every exercise that you do, you are using the bosu ball or the swiss ball, while engaging the core throughout the whole motion of the exercise. It’s amazing! My core is feeling stronger than ever.

I thought I would share some pictures of some of the exercises that I do during this stage;

Tricep dips on the bosu ball, while keeping your balance and engaging the core, do pull downs. A good exercise that you will feel in so many muscle groups and not just your triceps.





Pushups; here is 2 ways that you can do them during this stage, can you believe that I could barely do 2 “man” push ups and now I can do them this way 12 times (2 reps)!!



Good ol’ Arnold press, this is very tricky on the bosu ball for keeping your balance (especially lifting 20lb weights!)







And to finish it off, a good chest press, while engaging the core 😉

Oh, Hey Kissmah!…. You made it into my blog 😉 Working it like usual!
If you don’t know who Kissmah is, she is the one that is always smiling and laughing in the Motion Room, always having a good time! Maybe a next candidate for TMR Ambassador??!!


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