A few weeks ago the three TMR ambassadors got together for a workout! It was awesome! Meet Alyssa and Tyler. You may recognize Tyler as the drummer from The Barenaked Ladies. (Anyone that knows me knows how excited I was to meet Tyler because BNL are one of my favourite bands! But I played it cool…I hope!) Tyler has been working out at TMR since May doing the one-on-one training and became an ambassador in September. Alyssa has been working out at TMR since January. Originally she was doing Re-Energizer Bootcamps but then switched to one-on-one training when she became an ambassador in July. It was great meeting everyone after reading / watching their blogs!

For our Ambassador Workout Joseph devised some new torture! He was so excited for the three of us to be together so he could really push us! We started off on the ladder, but tried out the new tall hurdle.







Here’s my action shot jumping over the big hurdle. Thankfully there’s no photo of me tripping over the hurdles which I do all the time! Once you start to get tired from the ladder it’s hard to get your knees up over those hurdles and I always end up kicking them over. (Side note: on the weekend I nearly face planted while doing the ladder! I clearly need to get those knees up and watch what I’m doing!)



Next we broke up into little groups. Alyssa and I started with the bosu ball arm wrestling. This doesn’t look that tough but it is – you have to balance one leg on the bosu ball, while maintaining a lunge and on top of that you have to arm wrestle your partner! Alyssa and I were pretty evenly matched. We did rock, paper, scissors to see who “won.”



Because I “won” I went up against Tyler next. Tyler had never done this exercise before and apparently Alyssa and I made it look pretty tough and I think Tyler thought I might actually bet him at it. But as you can see Tyler clearly kicked my butt!!



This one makes us look a bit more evenly matched, except that I was trying with all my strength and I’m pretty sure Tyler was relaxing!


While Alyssa and Tyler were arm wrestling I got to do Nancy’s special inchworms. With a normal inchworm you walk your hands out from your feet until you’re basically in push-up position, then walk your feet toward your hands. But with Nancy’s special inchworms once you walk your hands out then you have to slide your hands out in front of you and bring your hips down. It really works your core! I watched Nancy do this workout out with a couple of her clients and laughed at them because it looked so hard, knowing that James would never make me do something so difficult! But just my luck Nancy joined us for this workout and this one had my name on it! I was actually pretty impressed with myself! It was tough but not impossible! Nancy even said I was tied with Alyssa as the best people she’s seen do it at TMR!!



Next we broke off into three stations: sideways jumps over the hurdles, leg lifts while holding the 10 lbs ball above your head and bosu ball plank. James is working with me making this exercise even harder – I’m supposed to move the bosu around in a circle while in push-up position, then James comes over and moves it in the opposite direction and tries to knock me over! Very tough!



Lastly the group sit-ups!



By the end we were so tired we just lay there together, no one could move! Finally Joseph had to tell us we were done and we should get up!


Working out in a group is great, that’s why I love the Re-Engergizer Bootcamps and why Personal Co-Training is so effective! You encourage one another and build off the energy of everyone around you. Whenever I was getting tired I just looked around and saw everyone else working their butts off and I knew I could push myself a little harder. I also love seeing other people sweat so I know it’s not just difficult for me! I’m really excited for our next ambassador workout!

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