The Pod Squad — welcome to the new way of doing things

We are so excited to welcome you back! Our doors open August 9th and in addition to our new All Access Sweat Equity Membership, you’ll notice some important changes. As always, your health, safety, and comfort are our number one priority. That’s why we’ve introduced individual workout pods.

What Are Pods?

In order to accommodate all comfort levels, members can now choose to workout individually, with their bubble, or in a small group with or without a coach live and in person.

In addition to antibacterial wipes, we’ve removed our drop ceilings to increase ceiling height and boost air circulation. We have also installed new flooring and updated our HVAC System for better ventilation and air quality.

Private Workout Spaces for Personal Co-Training

Members will now enjoy a more spacious experience for private personal training and co-training as well as all new equipment. Our new access controls, featuring digital codes, ensures that entry to the studio is monitored. And finally, we’ve installed a new hand-washing sink in the workout space and relocated the lockers to a more open area. But here’s the fun part… We’ve brought in MyZone TV!

What is MyZone TV?

All of our distanced pods are equipped with a MyZone TV: an instructional and interactive workout solution located above the workout pods. Members decide how much they want to engage with coaches. Are you ready to dive back in? We can’t wait to see you!

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James Cappellano

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