Your Favorite Gym, But Better

That’s right. We’ve taken our time apart seriously, and your favorite gym in Toronto has now been completely revamped! We’ve reflected, re-hashed, rejigged, and reworked what it means to experience wellbeing. Our lives, perspectives, priorities — even our schedules — are forever changed and the last thing you need is a trainer harping on you about squats. You have bigger goals for yourself and our job is to help you get there.

Showing Up Fully Is The New Self-Care

When you come back to the gym, you’ll notice big changes that support your wellbeing in a holistic way. (Jump to Sweat Equity or keep reading about our personalized pods.)

What Makes Our Space Different

Our brand-new gym is now equipped with Myzone workout pods, cardiovascular equipment, and Personal Co-Training (in our private workout space) allow you to focus on getting the most out of your workout. In order to accommodate all comfort levels, members can now choose to workout individually, with their bubble, or in a small group with or without a coach live and in person.

If you are comfortable with working out with staff at the gym, our highly trained coaches, trainers, instructors, and physiotherapists are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Reserve physically distanced workout pods

Includes Myzone TV and all the equipment you’ll need
Enjoy our signature Personal Co-Training in our private workout space.

New Gym Means Motion Is In Our DNA

Our tailored programs keep you moving forward and our innovative Sweat Equity system rewards you for reaching your goals. Sweat Equity is a totally innovative accountability-based approach that rewards you for reaching your goals. If you want it, we’ll help you get there. For every workout, social share, class booked, and more, earn TMR Points to spend on:

  1. 5 Elements Massage Therapy
  2. Nutritional Coaching
  3. Personal Training
  4. Gut Health Analysis
  5. Movement + Gait Analysis
  6. Private Rejuvenation Therapy (Myofacial Release)
  7. Wellbeing, Career & Personal Development with The Coaching Company

We are dedicated to your holistic wellbeing and regardless of your goals — health, nutrition, stress management, or cardio endurance — we will help you get there. You stuck with us, and now we’re sticking by you.

You’re not a one-stop shop, and neither are we.

At both The Motion Room and Coaching Company, it’s simple: you tell us where you want to go, and we help you get there. 

The past year has taught us what truly matters. It’s the people that make the place and we are here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned, and stay safe.

James Cappellano

James Cappellano

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Entrepreneur, Professional, Personal & Business Development

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