Getting Back on the Bull

After a rough, non active January, its time that I get back on that bull and get back into the routine of things. Its going to be a rough start but I know I can do this!

After being diagnosed with pneumonia on January 10th I had to take a break from working out for several weeks.
This was quite the setback for me; I have been exercising consistently (3-6 times a week) at The Motion Room since September 2011. After having the visit with my family doctor, she gave me the orders to take a break from exercising completely. No lacrosse games, no working out at The Motion Room, nothing! Now I am back at TMR, slowly starting to get back into the routine of my co-personal training sessions. The challenges that I have to face for the next couple visits to TMR, is to take my time at getting back to the work out level that I was at. My lungs took a beating with the pneumonia and so did my energy level 🙁

Have you ever had a setback in your workout routine? It is a hard thing to cope with, you do not realize how much you miss it until you are actually told that you cannot workout and you must take the time to let your body rest. We all have these setbacks once in awhile and this is where we just have to get back on that bull and continue to move forward to reach those goals that we have set.

I have my fit test assessment on Monday Feb. 6th, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have had a couple assessments during my time at TMR, the last one went very well. With having the break from workouts, I am curious to see how much it will affect my assessment. This assessment is an important one, it will be the bench mark for the 6 month ambassador program, goals will be set for me to reach before the end of the 6 month period.

I look forward to posting these weekly blogs and keeping everyone updated on my workout journey with TMR. See you in the gym!

– Jacquelynn Babcock
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