New Year’s Resolution Time

So, I would like to congratulate you and making it through another rotation of the Earth around the Sun! Good on you! This past rotation was more treacherous then other rotations with the whole Mayan end of the world December 21st thing. Pat yourself on the back you did it! Good Job!


With the New Year comes the old New Year’s resolution. Of the top 10 resolutions the second and third are to be more fit and to lose weight. It makes sense. We all want to be healthy and we all want to look good at the beach. Although many choose to follow a resolution so many are not successful at keeping their resolution. After 6 months less than half of those who made a resolution are still on track. Those who are still on track after 6 months have a few things in common. Firstly, they have a successful plan that they are following. Second, they have an understanding that change takes hard work and commitment. Thirdly, they have a support base that is assisting them in their change. If you are someone who has made a New Year’s resolution to be more fit and less fat less talk about how you can be successful.


Make your goals specific. Make a fitness plan and stick to it. Decide on how often you are going to come to The Motion Room and stick to it. If you are unsure how often to come in then speak to James or Joseph. That’s what they are there for.


Rather than saying you want to lose fat figure out how you’re going to do that. Making dietary changes is a good start. There is no such thing as “a diet” or “going on a diet”. You have a diet right now and it’s everything that you eat. I found that making little changes helped me a great deal with my diet. First, I decided to drink less beer. Once I was doing that I replaced beer with protein shakes. Once I had that routine establish I stopped buying my lunch during the workweek and I brought my lunch to work everyday. I then started healthy snacking every couple of hours. I started talking vitamins and so on. My success was taking it one change at a time.


Make your resolution public. Tell everyone what your plan is. It’s okay to put some accountability on yourself. When you signed up for a class and you don’t feel like going you’ll say to yourself “Damn it I told everyone I was doing this”. Don’t be like Rob Ford who said he was going to lose weight and then he’s off buying KFC and giving up. There’s a reason he’s over 300 pounds. By telling people your resolution you’re setting yourself up for delayed gratification. By sticking to your detailed plan those same people in a few months will comment on your weight loss and fitness improvement.


Good luck with this rotation around the Sun. Hopefully by the time we get around to this point again you will have been successful in meeting your resolution. Next blog is my celebration of my first year of fitness sobriety. I will be modeling a pre motion room membership pair of pants and a more current purchase.

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