My first month as a Motion Room Ambassadors has been great! It has been a good deal of work but it hasn’t been overwhelming. I had a wonderful opportunity to get together with many different people. They are my support team!

After the announcement Joseph and I had a fitness retest. I wasn’t too far from having a retest anyway. We moved my appointment ahead by about 2 weeks. We established my goals for the next 6 months. Some of the goals include losing 13-15 pounds and 6% body fat*. I feel that these are attainable goals.

I had my first and second meeting with a nutritionist named Julie Mancuso. Julie and I went through my goals and how my diet works in helping me reach my goals. Julie covered some preferred brands of food and explained why they were preferred. We spoke about what I should eat, when and portion size. My wife Andrea is very awesome at buying and making healthy food. We never eat frozen food or processed food. Andrea makes great meals and less bad for you baked goods from scratch.

Mike Fanning Fun Fact: I’m a teacher

When school started in September I made a decision to make some diet and eating routine changes. The change in schedule was a great time to also make a change in my diet and eating routine. As Julie mentioned, and something I already knew, you should eat every 2 hours to keep your metabolism rocking. I started doing this in September. I only kept healthy snacks around at school. I stopped drinking a coffee at lunch and I stopped eating take out for lunch. I’m two months into school and I haven’t eaten take away for lunch even once.

By the time my second visit with Julie came around I submitted a food journal that I was asked to keep. I like to think that I did well with how and what I was eating. We did make some minor changes. In the mornings I was eating a protein bar, daily vitamin, a coffee and some fruit. We changed that to a protein shake, daily vitamin, some carbs and coffee. These were the kind of minor changes I needed to make. I fall off the wagon a little on the weekends. This is something I need to work on. I am making changes to not fall off the wagon on the weekends.

As for the future, I am going to stay committed and work to make the changes that will lead me to success. I have a wonderful team of people supporting me and I will succeed.

Mike Fanning Fun Fact: I am Awesome!

– Mike


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