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Welcome to our NEW blog, “Ask The Trainer.” Each Month we will be tacking your questions regarding fitness, health and TMR. Ask The Trainer will be written by The Motion Room’s Joseph Martino. Open to Members and Non-Members, we encourage you to ask your questions by sending us an email here or by sending us a message on Facebook!

With a decade in the health & fitness industry Joseph Martino is an Internationally recognized Fitness Professional, Advisor to the Humber College Health & Fitness Promotion Program, Canfitpro Pro Trainer, Master Trainer in several disciplines and previous trainer of the Kingdom of Bahrain Shakia.
Indoor Boot Camp vs. Outdoor Boot Camp

Dedicated fitness enthusiasts are very often creatures of habit. Some of us prefer to exercise indoors. Some of us prefer to exercise outdoors. So as summer fast approaches the question is are you in or are you out?

Can’t decide whether to make your way to the club or out into the elements? Here are a few factors to consider:

Weather – Check the weather forecast

Some people love the thrill of working out in all conditions. Others would rather not risk stepping out when it’s slippery. It’s also best not to participate in intense outdoor exercise sessions when the heat index registers in the dangerous zone.

Environmental Conditions

Check the ozone levels in your area (most local newspapers list them) so you can avoid working out when high pollution levels may endanger your health. Avoid areas that you suspect may have been recently sprayed for mosquitoes.

Mood & Energy Level

A calming run on a nature trail may be the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Then again, perhaps the catharsis of your favorite boot camp or the comfort of resistance training is just what you need.


If you only have limited time, a quick walk around the block might be your best bet. Then again, perhaps dropping and pumping out a dozen push ups on your office floor might do the trick. If you need to fit in a complete workout, hitting the gym or attending a boot camp class might let you make the most of your available time and ensure your workout is effective.


How long has it been since you felt the wind on your face? When was the last time you got in a serious circuit-training workout? If you’d rather not leave your fitness balance to chance, consider booking some outdoor workouts into your planner on a monthly basis to supplement your indoor workouts and not to sway off of the main goal.

Healthy Regards,

Joseph Martino

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