Getting fit and working out is an option no matter your age! TMR member Dianna Moore was 6 months in when she shared her ‘Diary of a Wimpy Senior’ for our Member Spotlight 2015.

Dianna Moore

“The Diary of a Wimpy Senior”

When I first started working out at TMR my goal was, like most people, to lose weight, tone up and correct my posture if possible.

I’m on the shy side so it came as a surprise to my family when I joined any kind of ” health club” on my own.

For the first few visits I was a bit nervous but the staff made me feel comfortable. In fact I thought I was getting special treatment because of my age, (over 39). I soon learned that the staff were equally attentive to everyone.

It’s been six months – I’m still working on the toning and my weight. However, my daughter noticed that my posture has improved. More important I have more energy and I feel better mentally.

I plan to be around to enjoy watching my grandchildren grow…taking care of my health physically and mentally is a big part of that.

Thanks to ” The Motion Room”….it’s been a hoot!!!

Yours…a not so wimpy senior,



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