As much as we love having you at the fitness studio, you can’t be here all day everyday. So how do you keep your fitness level up when you aren’t at The Motion Room? Here are our favourite activities to keep you active outside of the gym!



Woman swimming in a poolSwimming is a fantastic way to stay in shape outside of the gym and is a common cross training activity among athletes! Swimming is very low impact, which means that you are not putting any pressure on your joints. This makes swimming a great option for those of us with injuries or in physical rehabilitation. When you swim, you are using your entire body against the resistance of the water, so you get a full body workout without putting strain on your joints. Swimming provides great cardio, endurance, stress relief and range of motion, especially in the upper body.

We can’t say enough about swimming, so get in the water!



Joining a recreational sports team is a fantastic way to stay active in your non-TMR time. Many sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball or hockey work in shifts, so you are challenging your fast twitch muscles with shorter bursts of activity throughout the game. Any of the previously mentioned sports are going to work your cardiovascular system and co-ordination and guess what – IT’S FUN! Recreational sports give you time to play and have some fun, meet new people, be social and all while staying fit! Sports teams are great for the body and the mind.


Jump Rope

JRIt sounds easy, but do not be deceived. This childhood classic will have your heart rate up in no time! When you think of jumping rope you probably think of kids skipping in the playground – think again! Jumping rope is a common training practice for many athletes, especially those that require intense cardio such as boxing. Jump Rope is a great workout for your lower body and once you get going at a good pace, can burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. You may find your legs are sore the next day, but stick with it and you will find a new love for this simple activity.

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