Last week I had my fit test with Joseph, and a couple days later I received my Ambassador goals.

See below for where I am starting and where I am headed;

Initial Assessment: Feb 6, 2012
Total body weight 151lbs
Body fat % 32.7
Estimated water 73.7/48.8%
Fat free mass 27.3/18.1%
Healthy fat 32/21.2%
Excess fat 18/11.9%

Goals to reach in 6 months: August 6, 2012

Total body weight 146.2 lbs
Body fat % 27.6
Estimated water 73.7/50.4%
Fat free mass 32.1/22.0%
Healthy fat 32/21.9%
Excess fat 8.4/5.7%

In 6 months I must make these goals as an ambassador. This is something that I am looking forward to and something I deserve to do for myself. Here is how I plan on achieving them…

1st Step: Plan workouts ahead
– By booking my workouts in advance with The Motion Room, this will mean I have my workout schedule planned out ahead of time and will have no excuses on missing a workout
– My goals are to get 2-3 co-personal training sessions and 1-2 bootcamp sessions in per week

2nd Step: Clean up the diet
– As of right now my eating is about 75% clean, this has to improve in order for the results to appear
– They say that ABS are built in the kitchen, so planning ahead with meals and snacks will help get me those ABS 😉
-Keeping a food diary will help me control what I eat and limit the food that is not good for me.

3rd Step: Decrease the social drinking
– I like to enjoy my weekends out with friends and many times it includes having several drinks (or a little too many). In the last several months I have reduced my drinking to only a couple drinks here and there. Things that I have done to help with this;
-Offer to be the designated driver for social events
-Book a training session the next morning after a social outing
-Just have 1 glass of red and sip on it throughout the night

With working out at the Motion Room and following these 3 steps it shouldn’t be long until I am finally saying I DID IT!

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