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After a couple workouts in after my absence at TMR, it was time for that fit test with Joseph. Some may be terrified to see the results from the last eight weeks… did they gain, did they lose??, others may walk out of that small little room with a big smile on their face…. they did it…they are moving forward to their goals and are actually seeing the results. Well it was now my turn, it was my 3rd fit test. The previous ones, I worked so hard leading up to the fit test to make sure I would see the scale go down, the body fat percentage reduce, and the muscle mass gain. Now I had been not working out for almost a month and I was to get back on that bike and start peddling. I was nervous, but I knew I had to give it my all. Here is how I did; The bike test was a little under the last fit test, I was out of breath and it was obvious  that my energy and stamina had reduced. Push ups (on my knees…. Yes the girly ones) were a struggle, I barely made it to 26 push ups. All the core exercises were under what I had done in the previous fit test. So far the test wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go. Now, on to the measurements (from November to

Lost 6lbs
Lost 1% body fat
A couple inches gone off my chest and hips.

I had lost some weight when I was sick. It makes me think if I had that month of working out, would I have lost another body fat percentage or maybe another couple inches??

As an out come of these results it shows that we need to stick with our workouts, we can’t take a couple weeks off and expect the same results that we would get if we were in the gym the whole time. I was unable to workout due to being sick, but it has opened my eyes and made me realize that I have to stick with this the whole time or else the results will not show. We can do this, all of us….. Some may have only a few more pounds to lose some may have 50lbs to lose, but we are all in the same place…. Pushing and grunting in The Motion Room and looking for the results to keep that smile on our face! See you in the gym, Lets do this together!


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