The New Me

Before September, I would pencil in workouts and would easily brush them off if something came up i.e. Raptors game, dinner with friends. NOW, I book all my workouts a month in advance and now my schedule works around my workouts. I never miss any workouts. If I have 5 or 6 sessions booked, I am committed to it.

Social Events;
During social events I only have 1 drink of wine instead of several; I am NOW officially the new “DD”. This means I am able to wake up in the mornings feeling great and being able to workout or do something active instead of being hung over.

No more of this……






Eating Habits;
I am more conscious NOW of what I eat, before I would allow many cheat meals on the weekends, NOW I have been eating more veggies, lean meats (fish and chicken) and fruits. Currently I have excluded dairy and gluten from my diet.






My Body;
I am starting to see small changes, for instance…. Getting that line along my thigh, upper abs are starting to show a little more.  I am starting to feel leaner and healthy. Slowly, I am starting to feel comfortable in my clothes. Before, my clothes were all tight and I was not happy with the how my body was looking. I have made this COMMITMENT to myself and realize that this is the lifestyle that I want to live today, and moving forward.


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