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I started working out in my later years of high school at the YMCA, I enjoyed these workouts and knew that exercising was going to be an important component of my life. After High school I started working at a privately owned gym in Bowmanville, I had many duties there (daycare, receptionist, sales, rock climber instructor). I would workout at that gym but still never really saw great results from doing workouts on my own.

After I finished working at that gym I joined Goodlife (in 2003). At Goodlife I would get my workouts in and would do some classes once in a while. When I started working with the Toronto Rock Lacrosse team, they offered us free Goodlife memberships. I continued to use my local gym.

Almost 2 years ago now, I moved into a condo with my boyfriend. We started using the condo gym and I still kept my Goodlife membership. After years of going to the gym and still not reaching and maintaining my goals, I realized I had to do something different. Going into a gym and working out on my own was not getting me the results that I was looking for. The problem was my workouts were not consistent, I would easily come home and decide that I was too tired or had other things to do instead of going to the gym. I would skip the gym. There were times that I would go into the gym and do a light workout, or would just skip the weights. I had even tried the home videos, nothing kept me motivated to keep putting in the hours at the gym and to be consistent every week.

Then, in September I bought the wag jag deal that the Motion Room was offering. For the month of September I came in 4 times a week, near the end of the month I was hooked. I loved the workouts, the motivation from the personal training and couldn’t say no to signing up for a membership

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This is the way I looked at it; I would be paying roughly $200.00 a month for unlimited co-personal training and Boot Camp sessions. I worked it out before purchasing the membership (since I did still have a free membership at another gym) if I came to the Motion Room 16 times a month (4 times a week, which was very realistic for me) it would only cost me $12.50 per visit. If I were to sign up for personal training at another gym, I would be paying $60.00-$75.00 an hour! This was very unrealistic for my budget. I knew I made the right decision when I went to my fit test and started to
see results.

After years and years of doing my own workouts I would see no results, finally… I am getting the results!

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