After 35 years of ‘doing nothing’ Bruce Burger has taken TMR by storm.

Bruce is proof that anyone can succeed if they put their mind to it. Great work Bruce!


Bruce’s Member Spotlight Story:

TMR Member 11 months? I have to say my success story is that after 35 years of doing nothing, I have rediscovered the satisfaction of working out on a consistent basis. It was thanks to my lovely wife Danielle, who discovered TMR, that I also tried it out thinking I may never be able to last a day let alone get through any programs at all. I was surprised that I did get through the first day and how smart the whole program was! I feel totally confident in the gradual building of the individual programs and the wonderful supervision available.

I have injured myself in the past due to incorrect form and I feel very safe at TMR that it won’t happen again. I have dropped weight and my posture and core have improved. I’m far from my ultimate goal of being in “top shape” but I feel every time I go in I’m inching closer to that goal. Thank you TMR….I’m addicted!!


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