This has been a tough week! This week I struggled with keeping myself motivated. Last week I was really pumped up and worked out 6 times! I had lots of energy and was feeling really good about myself. This week was the complete opposite – I was tired and had little energy all week and really struggled getting to TMR for my three sessions. My other challenge is that right now I’m in the meltdown phase of my program and I’m finding it really challenging!


Liz1The biggest challenge I have found while working out at The Motion Room is transitioning from one stage to the next. It is tough! You finally get used to the exercises, tempo and number of repetitions in one phase and then it’s time to move on to the next phase. Every time I begin a new phase I feel like I haven’t made any progress at all in terms of fitness because it is always harder than what I was doing before. I know that’s the point – if the exercises didn’t get harder I wouldn’t be getting stronger! That’s the beauty of TMR, every work out is more challenging than the last and it’s always changing. And you can always look back at your program and see how much you’ve progressed and how much stronger you really are!


Meltdown is all about keeping your heart rate up, doing lots of reps of each exercise but thankfully you are generally using your own bodyLiz2 weight or a light weight. There are lots of squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. And then there are always lots of squats. Here I have to stay in the squat position while doing rows with the band. It really burns your quads. I almost don’t notice that I’m doing anything with my arms because I’m concentrating so much on my legs!


So here’s my question to any of you reading – how do you stay motivated when you’re tired of working out? I would love to hear some of your suggestions! I think it would be great to get a list going so anyone else who is searching for a little extra encouragement this week can read it and be motivated!

– Liz Brewer


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