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Joanne Oxley came to TMR over three years ago looking to step up her game… her soccer game that is! At 40+ she has dedicated herself to our program and is an inspiration to athletes and fitness fans alike. 

Joanne’s Member Spotlight Story:

TMR Member since May 2011

Joanne OxleyI took up soccer in my (very) late 40’s. I loved it but found myself gasping for breath and calling for a sub every 5 minutes. I came to TMR for help and set a goal of making it through a whole 90 minute game with a minimum of subbing out. TMR Bootcamps, along with tailored workouts with James, got me really moving and my strength and speed increased dramatically so that by the end of the summer I was tearing up the midfield and playing back-to-back games given half a chance.

What really took me by surprise though is how much I loved my work-outs at TMR and how much it’s helped with other nagging issues, like my chronic lower back problem and even my migraine headaches! Almost three years later I still love my TMR workouts – with the variety of bootcamp formats and special event workouts I never get bored, and the great atmosphere and encouragement from all the great TMR trainers keeps me motivated. I’m still having a blast playing year-round soccer and keeping up with women half my age. Now if only TMR could do something about my sloppy ball skills…;-)

Early this month Joanne came for a 90 day 1-on-1 Check-In and her results we’re fantastic. Great work Joanne! Sorry we can’t help with your skills on the field. 

Joanne Oxley*

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