TMR Member Spotlight Feature!

Father and paramedic, Dave Backus was so busy helping others and being a father he forgot to take care of himself. Poor nutrition and a busy schedule led to injuries on the job and drove him to make a change! 

Dave’s Member Spotlight Story:

Dave Backus

For seven years I’ve been a paramedic in Toronto, trying to balance a life of shift work and fatherhood to my three kids. I was having difficulty incorporating fitness into my days, and any nutritional considerations went out the window – especially at 3 am, grabbing fast food between ambulance calls. I grew weaker, out of shape, and started getting injuries on the job – the classic back strain due to a weak core. It wasn’t until August that I finally made a commitment to myself to get healthy, get in shape and ensure a long career.

By visiting The Motion Room twice a week I’ve returned to a fitness level I haven’t had since my twenties, my core is strong and I’m eating healthy. My paramedic partner sees the difference, my family sees the difference and I definitely feel the difference.


Congratulations Dave! Keep up the hard work and don’t forget to take time for yourself!

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