Diana is a mother of two with a successful career and has been a Member of The Motion Room for two years. With all of her success and dedication, we are proud to name Diana the 2014 Member Spotlight and recipient of $500 Motion Room Dollars to use for herself or on a friend.

Ever since that day at Lululemon when I found out I had won the TMR Member spotlight, I have felt pretty special. Almost like a celebrity.  I found myself on the front page of the TMR website, I was being asked for video footage and to be interviewed, I was being congratulated by so many members, even members that I hadn’t necessarily spoken to before. I even received a very nice personalized note congratulating me, signed by the TMR team.

The experience has been a positive one overall. As I mentioned, TMR wanted to capture some footage of me working out, so I had a camera follow me around during a few workouts. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Heather was great to work with which made it easier. I was so concerned with how sweaty I would look and how strange my facial expressions would be, but she did a great job.

There is one part of the experience that hit hard. It brought me back to the reason this is all happening today. James asked me to provide him with before and after pictures. Before pictures! Scary. This was the most difficult task asked of me to date. Sadly, I don’t have very many pictures from the last 5 years of my life because I hated the way I looked. I ran from cameras. I managed to dig up the few that I had, but they were difficult to look at. I was surprised to see what I had let myself become.  I couldn’t belive that was me in the pictures. The silver lining of the experience was being able to follow up those before pictures with my afters! I relished in that moment a bit.

Shortly after sending in the pictures, the first edit of my video was ready and James wanted to share it with me. For someone who hates viewing themselves on camera, I was pleased with what I saw. I still couldn’t believe a video was being made all about me. This was such an awesome feeling. I shared it with friends and family also who were excited to watch, and they were all so pleased with it.

Finally the end was here. I had completed all my tasks and everything was ready to launch. I was surprised when I was attempting to log on to make a few bookings and saw my video right there on the member login page. I then saw the video posted on Facebook and James sent me a link to my own page. Again, feeling like a celebrity and very honoured. The attention and recognition TMR was giving me for all my hard work was amazing, not to mention unheard of by a fitness studio.

I was asked to share my thoughts and feelings from behind the scenes. In a nutshell the recognition and treatment that I received was heartwarming.  This turned out to be more than just a contest. So much thought and effort was put into this experience by TMR and I am honoured to have been on the receiving end of it all. It’s a privilege to be the first ever member spotlight winner and I want to thank TMR for the incredible experience.

– Diana

 See photos of Diana’s transformation here and read her full story here!

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