Shimaem Ali Khan came to us at our Vaughan location in August of 2015 with a very specific weight loss goal. Six months later she is only a few pounds away from achieving her goal and we couldn’t be more proud. Great work Shimaem! Your transformation is inspiring!


TMR Member: Shimaem Ali Khan

Shimaem Ali KhanI started off at The Motion Room in August 2015 with the goal to loose 40lbs and become more toned. When I first started I was 190lbs, I was honestly tired and concerned to see how unfit I had gotten. I went to The Motion Room 5-6 times a week, with the intent of having my Check-in-Session in 90 days. I knew I wanted to loose atlas 10lbs till then. The trainers worked super hard with me – they pushed me closer and closer to my goal. I use to have very low energy and barely any muscle strength, I use to get tired really fast but because the trainers use to push me so much that changed significantly.

When i had my first check-in-session I found out that most of my weight was fat, 78 pounds of my weights was pure fat, this was very alarming and upsetting but it made me work even hard. Overtime I started working out more and noticed that I was getting stronger, not getting tired as quick and had a lot of energy.

After the 90 days when I had my check-in-session the results were honestly unbelievable, I could not believe that I had actually reduced so much. I now weighed 164lbs and my body fat weight also decreased to 61lbs, it was no doubt the most amazing feeling ever.

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