TMR Member Spotlight Feature!

Yulia Skylarova had been working out with us for nearly a year when she entered our Member Spotlight. At that point she was down 30 pounds and had gone from a size 8-2*.

Yulia has dedicated herself to the TMR program and we are proud or her on-going success! 

Yulia’s Member Spotlight Story:

Every New Year’s Eve I would write down my twelve wishes on a small piece of paper, burn it and drop it in Champagne…and next day I would just carry on with my reluctant usual life. But last year it actually got to me: Ive been doing same thing over and over again with little or no result. So that time around I decided to make a change.

Yulia - 25I came across TMR on Groupon and they truly changed the way I looked at myself. I’ve started coming for my workouts every day (hey, I paid 40 bucks, might as well get the most out of it, right?). I fell in love with the way the workouts are structured and the way TMR holds me accountable and motivates me to improve my nutrition outside of the gym (its easy to exercise an hour a day, but tricky to watch what goes on your plate for the other 23 hours), and their check in system does just that.

During my promotional period I got used to daily training and cant imagine going forward without it. January 25th will be a year since my first workout with TMR and let me tell you, I don’t regret a single one. I’m stronger then ever, 30 pounds lighter and went from size 8-10 to 2*.
At first people called me crazy and obsessed because of my daily routine, but it is just so freeing when you let go of what others think and do what makes you happy. I’m thankful to all the trainers for helping me through my journey.


AMAZING work Yulia! Keep up all your hard work – it’s paying off! 

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