This week is going to be EPIC! We can’t wait to see how this challenge is going to turn out. 🙂

It’s called the Tag-a-Friend Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

You choose a specific exercise – say squats, sprints, burpees, or your favorite yoga pose (no beer curls, please!) – and then tag ANY friend on Facebook to post a video of them doing the exercise within 24 hours……

AND challenge them to “nominate” or tag a different friend and pass the challenge along!! Let’s see how many people we get up and at ‘em this week!

Why are we doing this challenge?

Besides the fun factor, there’s a huge chance you’re going to inspire someone.

Think about it: Don’t you get motivated when you see real people you know making progress in their fitness journey? I know I do.

People get motivated when they see others succeed, and you never know who you’ll inspire. Plus- no one will want to back down from a little challenge.

Be brave! Have fun!

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