Have you noticed a different ‘vibe’ during your workouts at The Motion Room lately?

We’ve teamed up with Hitmen Entertainment to give your workouts new fuel.

fitnessSince January we’ve handed over control of our music to the great people at Hitmen Entertainment! The Hitmen have brought in new music and fresh playlists to help keep you pumped up during your time at TMR.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.  – Bob Marley

Hitmen Entertainment is a Toronto based provider of entertainment solutions offering services such as: DJs, bands, music programming, karaoke, trivia, A/V installs, casino,  tech work and more!

Established in 1997 and with experience stretching back to the 80’s, Hitmen talent have performed over 10,000 gigs across Ontario and Quebec!

[We] create programming that reflects: BPM, tempo, genre, era or a combination of classifications to bring the studio consistent energy flow and customize to add in higher and lower periods of energy.

Why do we care so much about what plays while you’re in Personal Co-Training or kicking butt in a 4 Series session?

Research consistently finds that listening to music distracts athletes from their “bodily awareness” (read: pain). Here are some reason from the Huffington Post why music is an important part of your exercise program:

1.  Music is the good kind of distraction.o-LIFTING-WEIGHTS-AND-LISTENING-TO-MUSIC-570

2. A good beat can help you keep pace.

3. Music can elevate your mood.

4. It makes you want to move.

So far we are having a great time working with Hitmen Entertainment and now we want to hear from YOU! We will be asking questions on our Social Media channels to get feedback on your experience with our new music so Hitmen can make sure to create the BEST atmosphere for your training. 

Stay tuned for our questions and be sure to give us your honest opinions. You can also check out Hitmen Entertainment on Facebook! 

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