Summer Months Ahead

The summer always brings social events, bbq’s, cottages, and lots of beverages. The important thing for me is to stay focused on my workouts and my diet. Healthy eating has to be my # 1 priority since I have the whole gym thing and lacrosse down pack now (pretty much addicted).

So I sit here in my den trying to brainstorm ideas of how I can stay committed to the diet and not have as many alcoholic beverages over the summer

1. At BBQ’s pile on the veggies/salad, offer to bring a vegetable dish. Have protein and very little or no carbs (depending on how many carbs I have that day)

2. 1 drink max- for some of the social events, I am only going to have a glass of wine. If it’s a night where I decide to indulge- move to vodka water or vodka soda.

3. Cottage weekend- load up on the veggies, I usually do majority of the cooking at the cottages, so I will just make lots of veggie dishes

4. Desserts- always offer to bring a dessert dish of fresh berries or something similar to that.

5. Late night snacking after lacrosse practice or games – Keep it very healthy, no carbs or anything that will be hard to digest

Instead of meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner, do something active with them for instance, yoga, bike ride, rollerblading, jogging, rock climbing.

Just a few of my thoughts! Try writing down what you need to change for the summer, but remember you still want to enjoy it! So go to the cottage for a weekend but don’t forget to add in a jog and some healthy eating 🙂

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