We all make them, and most of us break them. Why is it so hard to make realistic resolutions that give us momentum and inspiration rather than that guilty feeling – a great way to ensure they get ditched before the Christmas decorations come down! Here’s how to hit the reset button on New Year’s Resolutions and create goals that stick. 

First, take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come.

It doesn’t matter if your past goal was fitness-focused or related to your professional or personal improvement. Truly take a pause and think back to who you were five years ago, three years ago, and one year ago. (Journaling helps to jog that memory!) After you’ve taken a walk down memory lane, think about where you are today. Be proud of the challenges you’ve overcome and write down three strengths that you’ve gained directly because of those challenges. Doesn’t that feel great?

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Next, think about where you want to be one year, three years, and five years from now.

Don’t opt for a generic resolution (work harder) or a shame-based one (lose 15 pounds). Those are vague, and negative, Six weeks later How are your New Year’s Resolutions and lack of clear direction? Instead, pick at least three areas of your life (five is better) where you’d like to keep the momentum going. The more specific the better. Some ideas could be personal relationships, athletic achievement, nutrition choices, approach to work/life balance, parenting style, sleep routine, morning rituals, commitment to self-care, downtime (rest), mindfulness routines, and work habits. 

New year’s resolutions every woman should make

See above: Why not build on those?

Remember those amazing strengths you’ve listed out that you gained through adversity? It’s time to expand on them! And while you’re at it, make it fun! Six weeks later How are your New Year’s Resolutions? 

So, instead of saying, “I ‘need’ to lose weight”. Why not frame it differently and say, “I’m going to train for a half-marathon.” If running isn’t your thing, how about, “I’m going to commit to 100 classes over 2022”. 

Bonus tip: bring a buddy. Working out is always more fun when you have a friend alongside you. Plus, it keeps you accountable. Pairing up with a coach is an even better way to keep your good efforts going in the right direction.

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