Thank You Toronto, for over ten years of continuous support!

With your help, we’re proud to have become one of the most dynamic and recognizable movement spaces in the Junction, in Toronto. Our members inspire us, and we hope to do the same. 

We Heard You

Thank you for your feedback! We heard you, and now The Motion Room has reimagined the gym experience. Introducing Sweat Equity: a totally innovative, accountability-based system that changes the way people experience the gym. We’re hoping that other gyms will follow suit. Because we’ve all changed. We’ve all seen what truly matters. It’s the people that make the place.

Thank You For Your Support! It's Now Time To Support and Reward You!

Your Wellbeing And Energy Are Precious, And We'll Help You Prioritize It

We know it’s going to take yet another great shift to carve out time and energy to get into a regular routine when it is safe to gather again. That’s why, when we reopen, we’ll be integrating stress management, nutrition, movement training, registered physiotherapy, personal development, and career coaching into our offerings. We can’t wait to see you in person. Until then, stay safe and stay tuned. 

James Cappellano

James Cappellano

Coaching Specialties:
Entrepreneur, Professional, Personal & Business Development

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