Nothing but Positive Vibes

Life can feel stressful and overwhelming from time to time, which is exactly why, having a gym full of positive vibes where you can release all that energy might be exactly what you need!

Our members at The Motion Room know that whenever they come in for a workout, they will get their daily dose of sweat, laughter and positive vibes! 

Jacquelynn for example, has been a member for a while now and we’re so glad she wanted to share her experience at The Motion Room:

“Lately it has been very busy at work and stressful, I have needed something to take my mind off work and other things and something that can just be all about me.

This is where the Motion Room comes in, majority of my workouts I go in not in a good mood, stressed, and all tense with not a lot of patience. Then I look around the gym and see everyone working out and laughing with the personal trainers. The trainers are not only our Personal Trainers, but are more friends encouraging friends to push themselves to work hard during every single workout.

I am sure many of you feel the same way, after a tough day you just come and take the aggression out on those poor weights and let’s not even talk about that damn ladder! It’s a place where you can mingle with others in the change room or while waiting for the session to start.

I go into the Motion Room and automatically can feel the smile on my face starting to happen. Not only do I know I am going to be around amazing people that are busting their butts but also a place where I can literally work out the stress.

Positive Vibes
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