Life has been very busy lately. Maintaining three visits to The Motion Room a week has been difficult. My drum line at school has been working very hard for their first contest upcoming on May 10th. We’ve been rehearsing every Saturday and Wednesdays after school. My other extra curricular that I teach is a concert band made up of grade 9’s and 10’s. They have been rehearsing very hard every Thursday after school. They have our spring concert on May 29th and I think they are going to impress our school’s community. When not working with my extra curricular groups at school I’m teaching the Oregon Crusaders of Portland, Oregon. Yet, I am off topic! This blog isn’t about my busyness! I want to talk about helping some friends move.


Recently two of my friends were moving out of their apartment and they had asked me to help them move. One of these friends is Bruce. You may see Bruce around The Motion Room, as he is also a member.

I haven’t moved or helped someone move since my wife and I moved into our home 3 years ago. Moving is both good and bad. Bad because there’s a good deal of heavy lifting and such. Good because it’s the beginning of something new and the close of something old.

Leading up to helping in the move I had had a busy day. I had just flown back from Oregon the night before and I didn’t get home until 1:30am. This was follow by a little jet lag and a full day of teaching. After school I had a dental appointment and then I assisted in the move. This is the busyness I’ve been living lately.

When I got to Bruce’s and I started lifting boxes and carrying them to the moving truck I started to realize that helping someone move wasn’t as hard as it use to be. I am much stronger and healthier since I became a member at The Motion Room. For hours we lifted heavy boxes and items and carried them up the most awkward staircase in Etobicoke to the moving truck.


Jodi, who you also have seen time to time at The Motion Room, is into sewing. She has some antique sewing machines. You know how they say they don’t make them like they use to? Well, they don’t make them like they use to. These antique sewing machines are cast iron and usually include an oak worktop. They are heavy! I kept picturing these sewing machine being loaded onto a train and brought to the their destination.

Even with all this heavy lifting, jet lag, teaching school and a dental filling I didn’t feel too bad. This is because of my time at The Motion Room. Still, you can believe me I slept well that night!

The photo I leave you off with is Jodi, Bruce and I. They decided that they didn’t want their sofa anymore. We posted it on Craig’s List as a curb alert. We decided to take a break and enjoy a slice of pizza and a beer before getting back to work!




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