We’ve all been there – over worked, short on time and putting our health on the back burner. Thankful James Aleksander was pulled out of his rut by his partner in crime and is now taking TMR by storm!

Thanks for sharing James and for being our very first 2016 Member Spotlight entry! 

TMR Member: James Mehisto

James MehistoI have always been a bigger guy but over the last few years with school and work I had found it hard to live a healthier lifestyle. I was always running back a forth between school and work, not eating or sleeping properly. This brought me to around a 33% body fat and I was only getting more out of shape.

My girlfriend, who is a member, convinced me to buy a Groupon for The Motion Room and from there my life has done nothing but improve. I started off in a pool of sweat barely being able to complete any routine or even half of one but now I am going 4 or 5 days a week and pushing hard to succeed.

My girlfriend and I set a goal to complete a Spartan Race in July of 2015 and thanks to The Motion Room that was the biggest success I had and we have already signed up for next year!. Even when I had a knee and back injury they helped me work through it and taught me how to strengthen my weak areas.

After around a year as a full member, I was given my last update at 26% body fat and had increased my muscle by 20lbs. The Motion Room has provided me a fun and challenging way to get healthy again and I know next years update will be even better. 


“Hi, a little update. I had a Doctors appointment for a check up and due to my success at the motion room he was happy to say that my blood pressure has improved greatly smile emoticon before I had to have tests done and was close to being on medication.”

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