Carolina Hardy has been training with us since March of 2015 as a way to tackle stress, bounce back from some old injuries and find her Zen. Did we mention she’s turning 59 this year? We’re in awe!


TMR Member: Carolina Hardy

Carolina HardyMy name is Carolina Hardy and I have been a member of TMR since the end of March 2015.

Before I joined TMR, I suffered severely from stress disorder.  My concentration level and focus deteriorated due to stress-related problems years back. My doctor ordered for me to stop working for five consecutive months a few years ago due to severe physical and mental symptoms of stress.  Due to this, I noticed my concentration, focus and mental endurance had changed.

In addition, physically, due to previous sports injuries, I experienced pain in both my knees and ankle for many years.  These injuries deterred me from jogging which I used to enjoy.

I started with PCT where I learned more about my body and the proper stances when working out. I originally joined TMR for the purpose of losing weight.  Although losing weight is a good goal, I have since been more focused on building more muscles, building strength and being more flexible and balanced.

During the foundation phase of PCT, I have developed the confidence of being able to use and work out all my muscles without that fear of getting hurt.  My fear of hurting my knees and my ankle have since disappeared.  I feel more flexible and stronger especially now that I have been attending the 4 Series Classes three times a week.

I look forward to my workouts at TMR.  It has built my confidence, my stamina, endurance and most especially I no longer suffer from constant stress.  I have since learned to relax my body and my mind with the motivations provided to me by the personal trainers at TMR.

My workouts at TMR have become my way of meditation where in one hour of the day, I just focus totally on my body and my mind without any distractions.  Since TMR, my concentration and mental focus have improved almost 100% and I no longer feel any pain in my knees and my ankle.

In less than a year at TMR, I now feel much stronger, more flexible and more balanced in both body and mind.  I no longer suffer from stress-related problems.  My mood and emotions about work and life, in general, have drastically changed for the better and I no longer feel any physical pain due to past injuries.

Joining TMR helped improve the quality of my life.  I am now physically and mentally healthy thanks to TMR.  I forgot to mention.  I am turning 59 this coming March.  If I can do it, you can, too.

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