I’m just going to come right out and say it. This week we’re going to just say NO to bread.

Giving up the bread in your diet might seem challenging in the beginning, but will give you a massive sense of accomplishment when you start noticing how INCREDIBLE you feel!If you don’t get rid of your brain fog, have more energy, and just all around feel better by the end of the week,weI’ll do 25 burpees in your honor 😉

Let’s face it: eating just a single slice of bread isn’t the end of the world – but when you’re eating bread, cookies, and other baked goods on a regular basis, it starts to take a toll in more ways than one.We’ve done a lot of research on this and I find this to be very interesting…

When grains are refined (as they are in most baked goods, even “whole wheat” varieties), they’re stripped of their fiber. That means your body absorbs them fast, leading your blood sugar to spike (and which can make you gain belly fat). And then, shortly after, your blood sugar levels crash, giving you cravings while leaving you feeling tired.

Food with fiber will always be the better alternative when it comes to eating clean and watching your waistline. Foods rich in fiber help you stay fuller longer by slowing the absorption rate… and helping to keep your blood sugar levels more even.

Your challenge this week is to eliminate the breads, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods (basically anything with refined grains in it) from your diet for an entire week.

Here are a few suggestions for alternatives:
– Ezekiel bread for sandwiches or toast
– Lettuce wraps
– Cauliflower pizza crust

Are you up for the challenge this week!? Let us know your answer with your favorite GIF comment!

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