We’re nearing the holidays and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to spend time with people you care about while helping others.

One of the best ways to lift yourself up is to help lift up others (animals count, too!). So, we’re gonna be all about GIVING BACK this week.

Your challenge is to VOLUNTEER in some way, shape, or form!

If you feel like you don’t have the time to squeeze it in, studies show that when you MAKE the time to volunteer, it can actually help improve your work-life balance. (plus anyone can find 20 minutes in a week – see below!)

It also helps shift things into perspective – so you may end up carving out more time to volunteer in the future!

Want to check out some other cool facts? Here’s a link to info about the many amazing benefits volunteering can bring to your life:

How and where can you volunteer?

So many organizations need help! It simply depends on what resonates with you. Some ideas:
Walk dogs at the animal shelter
⦁ Volunteer at a soup kitchen
⦁ Visit patients at a nursing home
⦁ Cuddle premature babies in the hospital
⦁ Swing a hammer and help build houses! 
⦁ If you can’t find time to go somewhere – set aside 20 minutes to pick up some trash on the side of the road – that absolutely counts also 

The choice is yours and how you feel you can best be of service.

Already volunteer? How about sharing some of YOUR experiences, and offer up some real-world advice about getting started?

Let’s get ready to make a difference and GIVE BACK as a group in a big way this wee

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