Time to get your LEARN ON! Let’s all choose a new book – and read it! – this week.

It can be fiction, nonfiction, self-development, whatever. Simply pick a book that appeals to you and dive in. (doesn’t have to be a 500 page novel! A short, quick read is also great!)

I know many of you are voracious readers … what are some of your top picks when it comes to favorite books, or current reads that you think our group will enjoy?

Reading has so many incredible benefits.

It helps increase your intelligence, boosts your brainpower and fights age-related mental decline (just like working out boosts your physical power!), makes you more empathic towards others, helps you to relax, and can even improve the quality of your sleep.

Now, for this challenge, you can read either an ebook or a “real” printed book … the choice is yours! But I found this really interesting article about reading REAL books, and why they might have one-up on digital books… because flipping “real” pages can actually help improve your memory.

You can read the article and learn some pretty cool things right here:…/prevent…/benefits-of-reading-real-books

Here’s one of my favorite money-saving tips. Use your local library! Whether you choose “real” or ebooks, I’m always surprised how so few people take advantage of their library.

Plus, if you already have a library card, chances are you have access to a HUGE LIBRARY of ebooks … for FREE! To find out, just go to your library’s website and see what they have online for you.

What are some of your favorite books? Are you up for the challenge!? Let us know in a comment below and have some fun with this one!

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