Crank Challenge

Warm-up with 5- 10 minutes of light cardio, then dynamic stretches (leg swings, arm circles, etc.). After the workout, cool down with light cardio (walking, etc.) to bring down the heart rate, and then stretch.

Crank 1, 3x through:
5 Burpees with push-up + Broad Jump
5 Crab toe touches (1-1)
5 Renegade Rows 
15 Mountain climbers each side

Crank 2, 3x through:
100 Jumps/jump rope
10 Plank floor jacks
10 Overhead Triceps Press
10 Plank Shoulder taps each side (tap shoulder with opposite hand)

Crank 3, 3x through:
5 (Left) Reverse lunge to knee-up/hop right foot
5 (Right) Reverse lunge to knee up/hop left foot
10 Gate swings
15 Russian twists each side

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