Are you ready for your weekly challenge?

Your assignment, should you decide to accept it: Sign up for any 5K race and challenge yourself to run the entire way!

Or, if you routinely run 5Ks, challenge yourself to set a personal record.

For some of us, especially those who don’t already run on a regular basis, this challenge might actually take more than a week to accomplish, and that’s A-OK.

Remember this week, you’re giving your commitment by REGISTERING!

It’s fun to have something specific to train for, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to accomplish this goal!

The key for running newbies is to very slowly ramp up your running so you can avoid injuries as your body adjusts to the new activity. And the key for regular runners to run faster, is to do some speed work (i.e., interval training!).

There are literally hundreds of different Couch to 5K running programs to get you started, both online and via smartphone apps.

Or, you can go old-school and choose to run from telephone pole to telephone pole, gradually increasing your distance until 5K (or 3.1 miles) is a safe and achievable goal.

Are you in for this one? Who’s in it with us!?

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