Are you up for an awesome fitness challenge this week?

Your challenge is to check off FIVE workouts this week! It doesn’t matter what kind of workout … go for a run (even walk), hit the weight room, come in for a class at The Motion Room, crank out some sun salutations, or grab the kettlebells! Your choice.

Carve out some time to intentionally move your body this week.

Time-strapped? Some ideas:
⦁ Take 15 minutes before work to crank through a bodyweight circuit 
⦁ Squeeze in a power walk at lunch or during a break (maybe even snag a coworker to come with you!)
⦁ Download The Motion Room app or even find a YouTube video and while dinner’s cooking, squeeze in a couple cardio songs.

Let’s ramp up that metabolism a little higher and step it up into a new gear!

FIVE WORKOUTS! Are you up for this? (Answer: YES YOU ARE!

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