After 2+ years at The Motion Room Judith Butler is not only fit and healthy, but is impressing gym goers all over town! Read more here.


Judith’s Member Spotlight Story:

I’ve been a devoted member of TMR for over two years and knew I was making progress towards my goals but was really excited to have validation in an unexpected place recently. I was visiting another gym while on holidays and did a typical TMR workout with warm-ups, exercises from my programmes, and a cool down. I noticed that a lot of people were using the equipment inappropriately, were not breathing properly (mainly grunting!), nor were they warming up or cooling down. As I left, a very fit young man of about 25 came up to me and complimented me on my “amazing workout”. He said I could teach the other people there a lot about form and how to use the equipment. He congratulated me on my fitness and then guessed my age, chopping almost ten years off! I left feeling very proud of myself and grateful, as always, to all the personal co-trainers at TMR for guiding me on a safe and steady path to fitness.

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