Two years at The Motion Room and Doug is happier, healthier and has demystified that elusive CORE! Last year Doug shared his testimonial and we are happy that he has shared with us again this year. Keep up the great work Doug.

Doug Howey’s Testimonial:

TMR Member of 2 years

I have a Core! I’ve been going twice a week to The Motion Room for the past 2 years. After the first year I can report that my blood pressure, blood sugar and general fitness had all improved.

I confess however, when the trainers queried me about feeling my core, I lied. I had no core, I felt it my legs, I felt it in my arms but no, not my core. I have persevered and with the attention TMR trainers give me, emphasizing the correct way to do each exercise, I now have a core and I can feel the difference. The Personal Co-training program gives me the attention I require and the results in turn give me the motivation. I feel younger than when I started. I enjoy my time at TMR.

Doug's Testimonial

Trust us, hard work and consistency will give you all the results you’re looking for! But if you ever need some extra motivation, feel free to join us to work directly with one of our personal trainers who will help you push through every single day!

We know working out can seem a little intimidating, but having a personal trainer can help you have a personalized and structured program just for you. Making sure you stay on track and making progress, just like Doug!

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