Exercise and hormonal imbalances. These two things are more related than you might think… We all know that being active and moving our body regularly is great for us. But something that usually gets overlooked is the positive impact exercise can have on our hormonal levels.

Last week’s blog was all about our hormones and what hormonal imbalances are, so be sure to give that a read if you are looking for your basics Hormones 101 stuff!

But for now, hormonal imbalances, let’s stick to exercise.

We know that hormonal levels can get out of balance for a number of reasons. However, most of the time, exercising is an amazing and natural way to help you balance your body out again.

But how does that work Hormonal Imbalances?

Well, the first step is always identifying if you are indeed going through a hormonal imbalance. And before you self-diagnose, we encourage you to speak to your doctor to get your levels checked.

Once an imbalance has been identified, your doctor might recommend different treatments to help your body work through it. And this is your reminder to always consult with a specialist before starting any treatment.

However, besides any suggested treatment… exercise is one of the simplest things that can benefit *almost* everyone out there. Especially if you have identified a hormonal imbalance This is because regular exercise has been shown to support endocrine health! (Psst… Tour endocrine system is the system in charge of hormonal functions).

Exercise can help you regulate insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, regulate metabolism, lower cortisol levels, and boost testosterone levels, for example.

However, research has also shown that different forms of exercise might be more beneficial for different hormonal imbalances.

Balance your hormones with exercise

Here's An Example:

A low intensity workout might be a great form of movement for someone with a cortisol imbalance. (High levels of cortisol). This is because low intensity exercise will ensure we are not adding any unnecessary stress to an already stressed body. On the other hand, resistance training is a great form of exercise for people looking to balance out their sex hormones. Having a positive impact on both testosterone and estrogen levels. So, the bottom line is, exercise and hormonal imbalances are deeply connected. And exercise is an incredible tool to help you regulate your body’s functions and signals! HOWEVER, it is important to talk to a professional and to make sure you are engaging in the ideal form of exercise for YOU! So if you are ready to use exercise as a simple yet efficient tool to feel your best, give us a call and we will help you design the best workout plan for you and your hormones!
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