Challenge for a Cause: Save the Bees!

We’ve got an extra special challenge this week! Let me give you a little background first…

Honeybees – the insects responsible for pollinating many of our veggies, fruits, flowers and more – are dying off in scary numbers.

Beekeepers in the U.S. lost more than 40% of their colonies..and in the UK that number was almost 17% during a single year recently.

There seem to be a lot of questions as to WHY this is happening, but many experts blame a combo of factors, including warmer temperatures, pesticides, habitat loss, parasites, and poor nutrition.

The good news is that there are things we can do to help sustain the bee population… which also happens to be vital to our food supply.

🐝Plant bee-friendly flowering native plants, herbs, and wildflowers and grow them as naturally as possible, without using pesticides.
🐝Avoid using chemicals on your lawn and garden.
🐝Put fresh water out for bees to drink and include some rocks for them to be able to crawl around on as they sip water!
🐝Remember that dandelions and clover attract bees, so it’s actually a good thing to have an unmowed area of lawn where these can flourish.
🐝Buy local, raw honey to support local beekeepers
🐝Remember that honeybees are not predators and aren’t out to sting you – they are doing a very important job by helping sustain plant life.

Save the Bees

This week, your challenge is to DO ONE THING to help protect the honeybees. Support a local beekeeper by buying their products, Save the Bees by setting out some water for the bees to drink, and/or planting bee-friendly pesticide-free wildflowers in your yard.

Let’s do our part to help the bees! Are you in for the challenge this week and helping this amazing cause?

Let us know in a comment below… and let us know what you’ll be doing!

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