Crank Challenge

Warm-up with 5- 10 minutes of light cardio, then dynamic stretches (leg swings, arm circles, etc.). After the workout, cool down with light cardio (walking, etc.) to bring down the heart rate, and then stretch.

Crank 1, 3x through:
10 Lunges each side
10 Push-ups
10 Weighted squats
10 Plank Tuck Jumps (in plank, “jump” legs forward so they are near your hands, keeping butt low, then “jump” back to plank)

Crank 2, 3x through:
10 Jump Lunges each side
10 Renegade rows each side
10 Total body squat (squat down, touch floor, stand up, reach high, holding DB)
10 Wood chops each side

Crank 3, 3x through:
10 Low Hop Squats
10 Triceps Dips (5 with left leg up, 5 with right leg up)
10 Speed skaters (1-1)
10 Crab toe touches (1-1)

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