How many times a day do you check Facebook? Studies show that many of us check it an average of 14 times a day!

Social media distracts us from what’s happening right in front of us, and while there are positives, such as allowing us to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, motivating us with our fitness pursuits, and more – it can also be destructive.

It can get in the way of our productivity at work…. not to mention our focus on the road when we’re driving! It can also unfortunately cause us to negatively compare ourselves with others.

Are you ready to break the habit? This week, your challenge is to check Facebook only ONCE A DAY, at MOST!

The goal this week is to pick a single time of day – morning, noon, or night – and check in on Facebook only at that time.

I have a feeling you’ll be surprised how much free time you suddenly find yourself with!

Seriously, check out these numbers, which were reported in a recent study of social media use.

The average time people spend on various social media platforms:
⦁ YouTube, 40 minutes
⦁ Facebook, 35 minutes,
⦁ Snapchat, 25 minutes,
⦁ Instagram, 15 minutes
⦁ Twitter, 1 minute

You can read the full study here:…/how-much-time-is-spent-on-social-me…/…

Are you in? Let us know!

Be sure to stop by during your daily check-in to let us know how you’re doing with this challenge and any thoughts or reflections you have on the process.

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